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Option 1
Home page featured escort or agency.
£120 - 3 months
£200 - 6 months
£350 - 12 months
Option 2
Photo listing top sponsor appearing above all photo listings.
£90 - 3 months
£150 - 6 months
£250 - 12 months
Option 3
Large banner middle of agency page.
£60 - 3 months
£100 - 6 months
£150 - 12 months
Option 4
Free photo listing on page 2 (and beyond) of our listing pages.
If you pass our listing criteria then we would be happy to offer you a free and permanent listing on our site appearing on the second page after the featured escort adverts. To see if you qualify for a free listing click here.

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Advertising spaces at are limited and on a first come first served basis. Our 4 options are shown to the left (or above if viewing via a mobile device). If you wish to advertise with us please use the form below to submit your request. We will get back to you, pronto!

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